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      MarinOne Search + Social

      Are your marketing channels working together to drive growth?

      Your customers spend a vast quantity of their time on Google, Facebook, and Amazon. That’s why your advertising strategy must work seamlessly across channels to reach them.

      Cross-channel control and visibility

      Get deep cross-channel advertising insights with our unified dashboard.

      Reach your best audience segments across channels.

      Leverage key search signals to drive cross-channel growth.

      Use your first- and third-party data as a powerful advertising weapon.

      Why publisher tools fall short

      Taking a single-channel view limits advertising performance.

      Publishers protect their interests over your marketing goals.

      Your customers move across channels, but publishers can’t.

      Meet your cross-channel teammates

      Not accustomed to taking a cross-channel view? You’re not starting your journey alone—Marin’s performance marketing experts are on your side. If you’re not satisfied with your cross-channel campaign performance, we’ll credit your platform fee.